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Tiny Planet Photos of Washington DC

These are some so-called tiny planet (or little planet) photos of Washington DC’s landmarks. They’re real photos—not generated graphics. They start as a 360-degree spherical image and then use software that ramps up the ultra-fish-eye distortion.

Inside the Lincoln Memorial.

The Netherlands Carillon and its tulip garden.

Inside Union Station. The bubble-like pattern is the ceiling of the main hall.

An ultra-wide perspective of the Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery of Art.

Inside the Jefferson Memorial.

A different view of the Peacock Room at the Freer Gallery.

Union Station. This time it’s the marble floor dominating, with the ceiling in the tiny circle at the center.

The Federal Reserve Building on Constitution Avenue.

Jefferson Memorial.

Lincoln Memorial.

The Japanese Lantern next to the Tidal Basin.

Arlington Cemetery.

Yet another view of the Peacock Room.

How These Were Made

Basically, these start with an equirectangular photo that’s used for a 360-degree spherical panorama. They’re then processed using software that can manipulate the distortion.

I have more about how they’re made here.

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